Primary Care Health Information Platform
FHIR™ Powered

About Hiasobi

Fast Healthcare Interoperable Resources (FHIR™)
is the latest HL7 standard
SMART on FHIR™ the best of breed authorisation
and apps platform approach
Hiasobi brings this enabling technology to the Australian primary care space

See a live demonstration of the Hiasobi FHIR™
common plaform for health communication
Applications can now access broad coverage of
the primary care market with one tool

Demo (DSTU2)Demo (STU3)

Oridashi Hiasobi FHIR™ Scope of Use

FHIR™ for digital health

Talk to us about FHIR™ for your health software.
Use FHIR™ as part of your solution.
Vendor neutral models and archives increasing usability and flexibility.

Contact Oridashi

Brett Esler
0423 083 847
62 Keon Street, Thornbury VIC 3071